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Baking activity box with ingredients delivered to your door

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Pronounced: cham – bell – oh – neh

From: Marche, Italy

Serves: 6/8 people

Available in: English and German

To be enjoyed with: glass of milk or freshly squeezed juice


– Flour
– Sugar
– Vanilla Baking Powder
– Dried orange zest
– Sunflower oil

Just add 3 eggs & some water!

Included in the box

Ingredients for the recipe produced by Italian growers (just add 3 eggs)

a QR code for an interactive video guiding you through the activity with us

Did you know? fortune teller with educational games and activities

Collectable visual recipe instruction card to make the recipe again

Who’s this box for?

Designed for kids aged 3-9, fun to do with older siblings, mum, dad and friends! Cook up a special treat to offer around!

Skills practiced in this series:

Measuring and

Breaking eggs


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